What We Do

Meter Corp is a nationwide Meter Asset Provider (MAP) to the electricity, gas and water supply industries in the UK. Meter Corp aids the UK drive to reduce carbon emissions through the development, management and cost-effective funding of strategic projects and technology.

Meter Corp’s main business focus is working with leading UK energy suppliers to provide customised funding solutions for both smart and legacy meters and related asset classes.

We offer a range of flexible solutions, which enable funding of new installations, as well as value realisation for existing portfolios of meters, whether they be smart or legacy, domestic or commercial.

We work closely with organisations to understand their specific needs; develop fair and flexible solutions which best fit their requirements; deployment plans and to customise solutions to enable them to meet their commitment to remove legacy meters from their balance sheet and eliminate the need to run a MAP business. In this way, Energy Suppliers are able to reduce their rental budget, eliminate their MAP operations budget, and remove legacy meters from their balance sheet.

By working in a way that allows energy suppliers to focus on their core business, Meter Corp provides the financing and asset management needed, whilst avoiding balance sheet debt for the utility companies.


Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Our Philosophy

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